Phaex Festival: The Ultimate Electronic Music Event of the Summer!

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The electrifying Phaex Festival is back for its third successive year in Corfu! With a history of hosting over 80 artists and captivating 15,000 global attendees in its past editions, this summer extravaganza returns to the island. From August 1st to 4th, the island will come alive with the vibrant sounds of electronic music.

This year’s lineup boasts an unprecedented roster of artists, making it the largest yet. For four days, Corfu will be the epicenter of the global electronic scene, showcasing groundbreaking performances from international superstar DJs alongside fresh new acts

A – Z List of All Artists:

ADIEL, Always Late, Ate, Bleur & MB1, Cameron Jack, Chevy, Chris Liebing, Cirkle, Deborah De Luca, Dj Gigola, Fell Reis, Fog, Fro, I Hate Models, Imamu dj, Innassi, Innellea, Jonn, K.Pro, KAS, Larry G Houston, Lex, The Man with the Speaker, Mattik, Milena Damis, Mironas, Mishel Ito, Miss Monique, Nick Jojo, Parfait, Paralich, Petros Odin, Salin, Sioma, The Dreamer, Traumer, DJ Udolf, Warin D

PHAEX, the premier international summer electronic music festival in Greece, invites you to explore, dance, and live an unforgettable summer on the island of Corfu. Don’t miss out on the ultimate summer festival experience, featuring Huge Open Air events, Superclubs, Magical Beach Shows, Unique Locations, as well as Boat parties. Secure your spot at PHAEX Festival 2024 and be part of an extraordinary celebration of electronic music.

A production by SEDS In collaboration with the Municipality of Central Corfu and the Diapontian Islands.
More information : Phaex Festival
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Grab your tickets now! and get ready for an unforgettable summer in Corfu filled with music and dance.

Phaex Opening with Miss Monique, 54 Dreamy Nights, Thursday 1 August : Buy tickets
Phaex Open Air Stage with DJ Gigola, Ether Open Air, Friday 2 August : Buy tickets
Phaex Club Stage with KAS:ST, Loco Dance Club, Friday 2 August : Buy tickets
Deborah De Luca & more, Corfu Golf Club, Saturday 3 August : Buy tickets
I Hate Models & more, Corfu Golf Club, Saturday 3 August : Buy tickets
Phaex Beach Stage with Innellea, Nagual Beach Bar, Sunday 4 August : Coming soon
Phaex Closing Night with Chris Liebing & Adiel, Loco Dance Club, Sunday 4 August : Coming soon
Phaex Boat Party with Traumer, Monday 5 August : Buy tickets

Phase 1 – Arena | All days Pass (€129) : 4 days & 4 nights | 01-04 AUG
Phase 1 – VIP | All days Pass (€169) : 4 days & 4 nights | 01-04 AUG
Arena – Phase A (€20)
EARLY BIRD – Arena (€25)
EARLY BIRD – Booth (€45)
Full Day Pass (€40) : Deborah De Luca – I Hate Models (A-Z)
Deck (€40)

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