Apidalos Festival: The Ultimate Summer PsyTrance Adventure on Mathraki island

Mark your calendars for the ultimate summer gathering. The Apidalos Festival is happening on July 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2024, on the stunning Mathraki Island, Greece.

We’re excited to welcome all friends, both new and old, to join us for our first-ever PsyTrance journey. Prepare to be enchanted by a magical atmosphere, complete with island vibes and unforgettable moments. This is the party you don’t want to miss!

The musical genres at Apidalos Festival will span Progressive Psy Trance, Full On, Forrest, Techno, Down Tempo, and Acoustic, ensuring a diverse and immersive experience for all attendees.

Our lineup is nothing short of spectacular, featuring a fantastic mix of artists ready to take you on a thrilling sonic adventure.

The Apidalos Stage will showcase talents like E.V.P from Wildthings Records (UK), DRIP DROP, RIDDEN, DOC and EUNOIA from Harmonia Records (GR), PSYMAIIA, SOTOKKAN, PSYBAT, MIKE AKIDA and Y.RELOUD from Free Earth Festival (GR), MAIIA from Mystic Sound Records (GR), GEOZEN from Underground Experience Record, THE ROLLING STONED from Spiral Trax, ALEXAND3R Alfios Gathering from Orphic Resonance (GR), SUNRHEA and BIKEMAN from Green Life(GR), and NIGHTMAR3 from Apidalos Festival (GR).

The festival will also highlight incredible techno artists, including Theo Komp and Talantosis from Minimal Force Records (UK), Hilios from Pulse Athens (GR), Kondak from Tsiki Tsiki Music (GR), TRIAX from Diffuse Reality (GR), DAMON from Dark Modular (GR) and ROZINA from Dark Magic Sound (GR).

The festival setup promises to be a visual and sensory feast, featuring amazing UV backdrops, visuals, and stage mapping. Expect a dazzling laser show, UV lighting, professional photography, face and body painting, acrobatics, and jugglers. With two stages, a bar and food shop, a dedicated camping area, WC and shower facilities, and an art gallery, every detail has been thoughtfully planned to enhance your festival experience.

Three deco teams—UPDeco from the UK, Shakuna Vimana from the UK, and Free Earth Festival from Greece—will transform the festival grounds into a mesmerizing wonderland.

Tickets are limited to 500 guests, ensuring an intimate and exclusive atmosphere. Professional security will be on-site, and a photo ID is required for entry. The festival is open to attendees aged 19 and above.

The festival kicks off on July 26th at 19:00 and concludes on July 28th at 14:00 on Mathraki Island, Corfu.

Tickets available at ticketBOX.gr

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Stay connected and follow Apidalos Festival on social media for the latest updates and announcements.

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Instagram: apidalosfestival
TikTok : @apidalosfestival

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the magic of Apidalos Festival.

Join us on Mathraki Island for a summer gathering like no other, where electrifying beats and magical vibes await. See you there!

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